Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shapeoko CNC router Electronics Upgrade - Part 2: Finishing the Enclosure and Electronics Mounting Parts

Preparing the Enclosure for the Electronics

I had to print three parts to get everything to fit snugly inside my new enclosure.  First, I needed a mount for my Raspberry Pi.  I found an appropriate one on Thingiverse: .

Next I needed an Arduino Uno/grbl mount:  Finally, I needed a fan grille, but I could not find any out there that I could download and print directly.  I then came across this wonderful parametric fan grille that one could download, configure and print, brilliantly written by John Ridley a couple of years ago.

I downloaded the scad file, opened it using OpenSCAD"The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller" (free).  All I had to do was take some measurements with my caliper, enter all the parameters the program required and, voila! a perfect fan grille, perfectly sized, ready to be printed:

In a pleasant surprise, printing went off without a hitch.  Here are the printed parts:

The next step was to mount the emergency-stop button, fan and fan grille to the top of the box:

I then used screws and trapped nuts to put the rest of the enclosure together.

With the enclosure and mounting parts complete, I am ready for the next step:  Turn the Raspberry Pi into a dedicated gcode sender that can be wirelessly remote-controlled from any computer or tablet in the house.


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  2. This is some pretty good stuff that is quite easy to learn. I like how the printed products turned out. Such fine detail. :)

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